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Fear to Freedom Formula Power Session

Put the Past in The Past -  Let go of your biggest blocks, step out of fear and discover your freedom.  

What stands between you and joy, gratitude, self confidence, and love?  It's likely some form of fear based on some faulty core belief or perhaps something lingering from another life time.  It sits as an energetic block in your body, mind and soul.  

This session is designed to clear out the block and take you from fear to freedom.  What will you do when you can really free yourself from the past and step fully into your life in a powerful way?

This is the most powerful session I offer and it combines all of my talents.  I'll use my unique and powerful Fear to Freedom Formula to release the root cause of fear in this life time.  I'll use my decades of experience with Past Life Regression to heal the roots of the fear in your past lives.  And I'll combine all of this with my energy work which can be done hands on or remotely.  The entire session is enhanced by the vortex energies of Sedona.

This session can be done from the comfort of your own home by phone or you can come experience it in person, in my Sedona office.




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